How to golf in the cold!

February 20, 2013
Golf Package Blog

Even though golf is better played and more suitable in the warm weather, you can

use those colder months to help improve your game and get a better advantage

over your buddies! Exercising your mind & body is important!

It doesn’t mean you need to spend hours & sweating in the gym. It’s as simple as

doing stretching while watching TV. Maybe throw a little core torso exercises in to

the mix, like sit ups or leg raises. If you feel like going for that extra birdie, walk a few miles.

Exercise your mind by playing a round of golf in your head; one shot at a time.

You can also read books by Bob Rotella, “Every Shot has a purpose”.

By Brandy Underwood

Amateur Team Woman’s Golfer for 18 years! Resident of Pinehurst, NC