What to do when it’s too cold to golf!

January 23, 2013
Golf Package Blog

So, what do you golfers do when it’s too cold to golf? Well, I’ve made a list of things

to keep you all entertained!!

1. Clean your clubs! I don’t mean just wipe them off, I mean make them shiny, repair them

and get them ready so when the greens are ready, so are you!

2. Do a little research. If you weren’t playing well or need to work on some things, research iot.

Maybe there are some techniques you can read about and practice in the garage!

3. Go to the gym. Golf exercises are those that specifically target the muscles used during the golf swing. Golfers can improve their swings in various ways by incorporating golf exercises into a workout routine: lengthening the backswing, improving rotation, strengthening wrists and forearms and the muscles of the core.

4. Read golf books. “Golf is not a game of perfect”, by Dr. Robert Rotella!

5. Of course, there is always Television. It’s seems as though they are playing in perfect climate

in a golf tournament!

6. The most inspiring…depending on the individual…Have a cocktail and smoke a Cuban!!